Trackmania Nations Forever server

posted by feroxy on 28/5/2008 at 13:41

A little late in posting this, but we have a trackmania nations forever server installed and running. The game is free and can be downloaded from the Trackmania website. Be warned that it is a 500 meg download. so VM customers should do it after 9pm or face crippled net access for the rest of the night. /rant

Our server can be found via the in-game browser at UK, England, London. Post comments in the trackmania discussion thread and do point out or make some nice custom tracks for us.

Nexus War - The Straylight Era

posted by Kittenbait on 11/5/2008 at 16:09

Nexus War has moved into a new era, and we're still there. ID has moved to a new plane, Nimbus, in the clouds above Paradise, from which we intend to descend and inflict grievous pain on our enemies.

ID's size has stabilised and much of the dead weight has been pruned away. The faction has been heavily reorganised and extensive work has been put in under the current CEO Red Ligerton (/Rev Rolex) to make us more efficient and dangerous, and things have really picked up in the last few months. Hell, even Rogz has rejoined!

Let's keep the impetus going, and launch our mighty takeover of the Nexus. Anyone wanting to assist in the Great Mission, pop over to the public NW forums and shout, we'll tell what you need to know and help you out. Anyone who has drifted off into idleness, all returnees are welcome so we can smack our enemies and cast their souls screaming back into the void. We've got a lot of enemies and a hard-earned reputation to maintain.

Lumines on Steam

posted by Rogan on 18/4/2008 at 20:01

Hopefully not just in the US!

April 18, 2008 - Q Entertainment and Valve today announced availability of Lumines(TM) on Steam, a leading platform for PC games and digital content with over 15 million accounts around the world.
Lumines, the critically acclaimed music-based puzzle game, was created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi and is available now via Steam for as low as $9.95 for the Base Pack. The Base Pack contains 21 unlockable skins in Challenge Mode, Skin Edit Mode and a sampling of Time Attack, Puzzle and Mission modes. For a greater challenge, the Advance Pack is available for $7.95 and includes another 21 skins in Challenge Mode, 70 mind-bending puzzles in Puzzle Mode and 35 quick-thinking, fast-moving stages in Mission Mode. The Base and Advance Pack may be purchased together for just $14.95. An additional 10% is taken off at the time of purchase between now and Friday, April 25th.
For more information about Lumines and Steam, please visit

Call of Duty 4 (COD4) Server

posted by feroxy on 7/1/2008 at 12:33

Rogan has set up a 20 player COD4 server running at This replaces an underused vanillaish CSS server (server 1) and the raven shield server.

Comments in the forum as always.

Baby Girl

posted by Rogan on 30/11/2007 at 3:03

Wends and Far have had a baby girl. She was born at 2.34AM on Thursday the 29th of November and weighed in at almost 11lbs. That's about as heavy as a bowling ball folks.

The young lass has yet to be named, but I did suggest a working title of Wendetta. Names based on weight will not be appreciated. Far and W reserve the right to damage the mental wellbeing of their offspring, in a time and manner suited to themselves.

Young Wendetta and her mother are resting, doing well, and Far says they should be out today.

I have added her as our new mascot. Let's hope she turns out better than By0.


posted by Kittenbait on 23/11/2007 at 18:40

Guys, we've started a might alliance spanning the breadth of known space. You too can join our mighty galaxy-conquering endeavour. Get metal, crystal, radioactive stuff, build big fleets and wage interglactic war. What could be more fun?

View here for more info on OGame

Tag Free

posted by Rogan on 7/9/2007 at 13:23

In an effort to avoid scaring people off the CSS server, we're going to be removing our tags while we're playing there.

Short post - eh.